Blogger allows spam comments

It’s been a very bad month for me with; my posts got spam-comments, all in Chinese language; and you know what – they have kept coming.
Every post gets almost 2 back to back spam comments.

How do I tackle with this spamming?:

  1. The worst things about is that it does not allow me, the owner of the blog, to mark the comment as spam, or even, report them as abuse.
  2. Then I login as the owner of the blog and move to the post with spam comment.
  3. Now, as I need to report the same to, I move to the profile who has put the comment, by clicking his name on the comment.
  4. Interestingly enough, the Chinese spammer has got an empty blog on in every case.
  5. again do not have functionality to this kind of profile as a spammer; there is no “report abuse” on the user details page.
  6. Then, I move to the blog of the spammer and report that blog as abuse: spamming. 😡
  7. Having done this, remove the spam-comment by deleting the comment with “remove it completely” option.
  8. And then, again with a new post repeat from step no 1. 🙂

Now, some of you may ask for a demo; here’s it: this post is bound to have a spam comment again.
And remember, is going to allow the spammer to put the comment; and I will be continuously moving between step 1 to 8 every time.
At lease untill Google looks upon the issue. Let’s pray for it. 🙂

Have fun with Blogger and FeedBurner!

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