Trying Outlook Programming

Finally the day has come when I really felt the need of VBA programming for Microsoft Office Outlook.
Wish me the best….

Update: According to Adding Contact Picture To Custom Contact Form | TheDailyReviewer, it is not possible to have the contact picture functionalities such as printing a custom business card with contact picture….
Why? 😡
I’m gone…. 🙁

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  1. Best of Luck for outlook programming.

    If you write add-in in C#, it would be very easy.

    However We can add, modify and retrieve contact photo so it should be surely possible to print all the contacts with pic (like some add-ins adds the pic for a contact from LinkedIn, facebook or twitter).

    I am not sure what exactly you are coding. but see if below link are in-line with your requirements…

    Best of luck and Regards,
    Vishalgiri Goswami

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