Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari fight “The Battle of Life”

Its been a good amount of time that I posted something on this blog. No, It’s not true that I was not reading and writing technical posts, but on other medias for sometime; and yes, it was Facebook. 🙂

Now, I am back to Google’s blogger site.

This time its a very Interesting article on browser wars. The modern battle which is expected to cause many browsers struggling for their dailies.

The original link was published in CodeProject‘s daily newsletter. The original site is ArsTechnica. I like the site for blogs posted on it; they are very informative and well structured.

Here’s the link:

Read the article and let me know your views by replying to this post.

Starting from the next post, I am going to put my thoughts on this war.

I will also try to provide neutral view on various internet browsers I have used and will recommend the best one(s) for you.

Thanks for reading!

Have fun with Blogger and FeedBurner!

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