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RSS Feed Reader

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Which is the best RSS Feed Reader for you, for me?

There are several considerations to choose RSS Feed Reader...

  1. Which platforms should it cover? I am a regular user of web and Android for this aspect.
  2. Offline content? I would surely like to, I want to, have it. I don't care about mobile data usage of couple of hundred MB.
  3. Tags? I don't care.. my all subscriptions are very well arranged in folders.
  4. Free/Paid? Willing to pay, considering all my these considerations are met.
  5. Ready categories/channels to subscribe to? I don't need. I subscribe to feeds which ever individual sites I am interested in.

Was Google Reader perfect?

Yes and no, but eventually it was. This is how.. Google Reader had a very nice online interface with lots of features (I did not like the feed statistics moving away), and GoodNews Reader was a great Android app to provide very effective offline Android reading experience which used Google Reader APIs, making Google Reader the perfect choice. (GoodNews Reader had to shut-down after Google took life of Google Reader)

Now, which are the options after demise of Google Reader?


  1. Online and Android - platforms of my interest
  2. Fast: Everybody likes fast software
  3. Well organizable: Setup your folders the way you like those...
  1. Requires internet connection.. always... this a very very terrible con.
  2. No offline content saving which means you spend good amount of time waiting for the content to appear, even-tough the UI is fast.