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Browse Internet Securely

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Browse Internet Securely

Secure internet browsing is a simple tasks to achieve and its very rewarding as well.

There are various benefits:

  1. Protect your information
  2. Keep away from Ads (mostly unwanted)
  3. Control what plays on our browser
  4. Reduce amount of data your page downloads
  5. Easily check site credibility before jumping on to it
  6. Clean and clear page views

How to browse internet securely:

  1. Install/Add/Use these types of software on your browser:
  2. Ad-blocker
  3. Website credibility checker
  4. Flash-blocker
  5. Use secure search engine
  6. Private browsing

List of my favourite software which could do all these:

  • Ad-blocker: Adblock Plus and Element Hiding Helper

Install these two addons on your favourite browser:

Adblock Plus:
Element Hiding Helper:
  • Website credibility checker: WOT (Web of Trust) Safe Surfing

WOT (Web Of Trust) Safe Surfing:
  • Flash-blocker: Flashblock

  • Use secure search engine: DuckDuckGo

  • Do not let search engines gather your data, searches and use those for selling stuff to you.
  • Website:
  • Private Browsing:

  • Private browsing:
  • Use feature in your browser, generally called - Private Browsing.
  • Very useful when surfing from a public computer or from at friends'.
  • Enable this feature so that none of your data, browsing history gets logged on that browser, computer.

Happy safe and secure browsing!