Tasks for Saturday evening

Well, I am now done with my official tasks for the week and looking forward to complete some personal-Internet related tasks.

Here are those:

  1. Streamline blogs – This involves separating materials currently getting blogged to separate buckets – personal, social, Internet related, and miscellaneous.
  2. Create blogs – Now, I am feeling a need to separate personal blog. Till now it was only facebook or sometimes blogspot or twitter. Though, the “other” mediums are good at spreading information, they are not good at managing personal notes, communicating with friends, learning technologies and posting about technological updates all together. I have to “revolutionize” my website to match to my “expectations”. 🙂

List of blogs and what those are intended for:

  1. Blog on Blogspot – Only technical stuff
  2. Blog on WordPress – Only social stuff
  3. Other blog on WordPress – Only new consumer technologies
  4. Website: Linking all of the above at one place + personal notebook

Why I am positng this article on Technology blog? Because its related to personal management with use of Technology.

Let’s start!

Have fun with Blogger and FeedBurner!

Does the Internet Really Increase your Productivity?

Using the internet for an hour a day, can save us considerable time in shopping, business, and social activity. However, that doesn’t mean spending 7 hours a day, is going to give us 7 times the benefit. Does the internet make you more productive or is it just an addictive tool for wasting your time?

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Have fun with Blogger and FeedBurner!