Microsoft Live Mail Contacts has lots of problems

Microsoft Live Mail Contacts has good features of importing your contacts from various sources like GMail, Facebook, Hi5, etc.

However, once you are done with import, you will see many contacts with same names.
Well, it has feature to Clean Up Contacts, which will diligently show you duplicate contacts, and ask you to click to Auto-Merge them. Impressive, right?

Here comes the legacy problems with Microsoft’s web applications. The merging functionality is not working for a long-long time now. When clicked on Merge, it shows pages with sorry text:

This page is temporarily unavailable
We’re sorry, there was a problem showing this page. We experienced some technical difficulties retrieving the content.
Please try this page again in a few minutes.

There are some more bugs and ill-placed features as well. For a person like me who wants SkyDrive‘s 25GB free online space and wants to connect to friends as well, there is no other option than to manage in whatever is provided by Microsoft.

Is there any alternative to this? 🙁

  • Update: Today is 14-Jun-2011; and the problem still persists.
  • Update: Today is 29-Jun-2011; and the problem still persists. Now my Hotmail account is linked with Microsoft Outlook 2010, which does not have contacts cleaning option. Also, I am using Windows Live Mail (Desktop Client) which has menu item for Cleaning Contact; and that eventually puts me to the same bugy Contact Manager webpage.
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