Problem in Facebook friend finding page

One of the best feature of social/professional networking sites is to locate your existing friends. One step ahead of others Facebook also suggests friends. Not really sure what algorithm they use to suggest friends, it has been quite a handy tool.
I have been using this feature quite often on Facebook; however, for some days I have noticed buggy things in this page.
Once clicked on the close button of a suggestions page, the suggestion closes, and appears again after sometime as another suggestion, i.e., the same suggestion comes multiple times.

Try yourself:!/find-friends/?__a=22&ajaxpipe=1

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Meet “College Isn’t Necessary” Author Lynzee Stauss

We did some searching of social networking sites and found Lynzee, added her as a friend, and she accepted. We think she has yet to realize her recent internet fame for her marry a rich man dont go to college article. Or that all of her photos are going to be circulated around the internet now that they are public domain.

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Wednesday 23, 02, 2006: Bush on Kashmir Issue

American President Bush said he also wishes that the Kashmir Issue is solved as per the convenience of all sides. Why he don’t say that it should be solved with the convenience of both sides India and Pakistan.

His comments can make third parties, which are not in the well of any one, can get a positive sign and can be well making the situation worse.

What do u think?

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