LinkedIn not able to fetch my webmail contacts

Now, its, the very much reliable, trusted, and robust web software, doing some goof-ups, and it follows, in the league of buggy web-software. Read my previous posts for the details.

Importing web-mail contacts to is not working fine, for me at least, for quite a few months now.

What happens on the page?:

  • URL: Import Contacts and Invite | LinkedIn
  • Enter web-mail details
  • Click on Continue
  • reaches to the site in order to find your address-book contacts list
  • A confirmation on the web-mail page to allow with access to your contact list
  • Result: Error on the page: We’re sorry but there was a problem importing your contacts. Please check back later.

Let me know if you are facing the same problem.

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Update: Today, 28-Dec-2010, is the day, when I do see successful import of my contacts to Let’s celebrate. 🙂
Update: Today, 17-Jun-2011, after checking my contacts, told me that you have 411 friends already on its site. What? Amazing!
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Blogger allows spam comments

It’s been a very bad month for me with; my posts got spam-comments, all in Chinese language; and you know what – they have kept coming.
Every post gets almost 2 back to back spam comments.

How do I tackle with this spamming?:

  1. The worst things about is that it does not allow me, the owner of the blog, to mark the comment as spam, or even, report them as abuse.
  2. Then I login as the owner of the blog and move to the post with spam comment.
  3. Now, as I need to report the same to, I move to the profile who has put the comment, by clicking his name on the comment.
  4. Interestingly enough, the Chinese spammer has got an empty blog on in every case.
  5. again do not have functionality to this kind of profile as a spammer; there is no “report abuse” on the user details page.
  6. Then, I move to the blog of the spammer and report that blog as abuse: spamming. 😡
  7. Having done this, remove the spam-comment by deleting the comment with “remove it completely” option.
  8. And then, again with a new post repeat from step no 1. 🙂

Now, some of you may ask for a demo; here’s it: this post is bound to have a spam comment again.
And remember, is going to allow the spammer to put the comment; and I will be continuously moving between step 1 to 8 every time.
At lease untill Google looks upon the issue. Let’s pray for it. 🙂

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Problem in Facebook friend finding page

One of the best feature of social/professional networking sites is to locate your existing friends. One step ahead of others Facebook also suggests friends. Not really sure what algorithm they use to suggest friends, it has been quite a handy tool.
I have been using this feature quite often on Facebook; however, for some days I have noticed buggy things in this page.
Once clicked on the close button of a suggestions page, the suggestion closes, and appears again after sometime as another suggestion, i.e., the same suggestion comes multiple times.

Try yourself:!/find-friends/?__a=22&ajaxpipe=1

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Experiements with Drupal

Well, recently started wondering how Drupal, Joomla, DotNetNuke work.
It’s very interesting install all these and try variety of things they can perform.

Right now, trying to integrate Drupal with Twitter.
The purpose it to have 2 way twitting from Drupal. Got some modules to do the same, however, I don’t understand much out of them.

Friends who have already done this are welcome to provide ideas.


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Microsoft Silverlight does magic

Silverlight has done it.
Microsoft Office Live is live now.
You can create Microsoft Office documents online and store them to your Microsoft Live Skydrive account.

Not rolled out for all countries yet; I believe, the English version is available for all.


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How to foil traffic cameras

IT people are really getting innovative when it comes to confer government systems. 🙂

One guy imagined to foil the traffic camera with license plate attacking a traffic camera through SQL injection technique:

What an inspiration to think innovative!

Share your thoughts…

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