twirdie – Golf game on Twitter

twirdie has given a new way of enjoying tweeting Golf.

The site, in beta right now, allows you to input word(s) on its page, depending on in what proportion the word(s) are used in tweets in last 20 secs (yes, only last 20 seconds), the ball will move towards the post.

The swing your shot gets depends on only one thing: how many tweets are done with those word(s) in last 20 secs

I got a big score when input “office” when it was noon in US; at the same time got near to nothing for “tea“. 🙂

You may need to write some less tweeted word(s) when you are near to the post.

Enjoy twirdie and let me know your feedback!
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10 Web Browsers You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Now, here comes a complete new list of browsers!

Read them all, especially the “why you should use it?” stuff, and you will surely enjoy!

  • At the end is my favorite browser: Flock –
  • There are lot of things for Linux and Mac guys as well!
  • Konqurer has a surprise entry, at least a surprise to me. I am glad to know that it has taken inputs from Netscape Navigator.
  • I wish K-Meleon was there:


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Infy Story – Good Things Do Happen

It’s part 1 of the story.

I liked the way it is presented.

As the author says, its a bit long story, but read it completely to enjoy it fully.

With you, I am also waiting for sequel.

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Infy Stories – What say!

Thinking about starting a series of Infy stories, what say?

I would like to collect them from the web and the club them here, only for you.

Comments are welcomed!

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ब्लॉग एक्शन डे

यह एक दिवस है जब हमें अपने बल पर अपने सामर्थ्य का परिचय देना है और पर्यावरण के विषय में प्रगति कर दिखानी है|
पर्यावरण को हानि के थोड़े-ज्यादा परिणाम हमने तो भारत में देख लिए है|

अपना सामर्थ्य लगाये इस वेबसाइट पर: ब्लॉग एक्शन डे
अन्य विचार: संघ परिवार अधिवेशन

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