Angular vs Spring MVC

  AngularSpring MVC
Theming PrimeNG tools allow to switch themes dynamically, have different themes based on criteria. Creating new these could be an extremely easy task.  
Transaction Performance Combined with Node.js provides way to achieve high-performant transactions  
Ecosystem Angular ecosystem is growing rapidly Spring MVC ecosystem is growing on less pace
Hosting Being a JavaScript based framework, Angular components have wider acceptability on hosting choices including in cloud space  
Existing Applications For adopting Angular, all of UI and Middle layer modules will have to be re-written If there are some components of system already in Spring, using Spring further would enable ease of maintenance
Feature rich applications Aimed towards smaller, multiple transactions Spring MVC would perform better for feature-rich, heavier, bigger applications
Application Maintenance Small to mid-size applications are easier to maintain, enhance with Angular due to its predefined component-based structure Creating and maintaining large-sized application is easier with Spring MVC
Talent Availability Not so easy to find resources skilled in Angular Easier to find resources skilled in Spring MVC
UI Element Binding Angular has two-way binding; meaning a value changed in UI will be automatically reflecting in the code-behind Spring MVC has one way binding from code-behind to UI; meaning any change of value on UI will have to have its mechanism created to send value to code-behind