Cow slaughter help turns down to cow smuggling in Congress raj

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Differences in how Hindutva leaning Govt works as compared to current “secular” Govt of Congress are showing up one by one.

The “motive”

When cases are registered by police, motive is a key fact to look for. Like, in this case of cows being transported, the motive has been not even looked at. Most times the motive is to supply those for cow slaughter, which is illegal. The culprits should have been also charged with help in cow slaughter attempt by working as supplier. Without the supplier, slaughter won’t be possible. However, the “guidance” the police has plays a key role in this intuition, which, sadly, changes with changes in Govt.

Future of cow protection

However vigilant are the cow protectors, no support or criminalisation of cow protection efforts by “guided” police will put the country back in to old days when a cow lover was solely responsible for his act of trying to save the cows, and even for applying state law which makes cow slaughter illegal.